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hello everyone

i thought id update you on my work in progresses

i am currently on 16 of 100 mini xmas tree stockings, and im currently on 2nd of 50 for bauballs and also jumbo stocking making my original design that was embroidery work put on top of the stocking but im not putting names on till the person who wants one made with their names on so leaving that bit blank. Im also making a summer top for made to order its a tunic top, sleeveless top never made one before so giving that a go only just casted on the stitches went wrong first time round, so basically i have at least 4 stock work in progress on the go and of course the test knit which im still yet to work on but thats either here or there. All these progresses im working on will be available when they are done, i am also taking orders for jumbo stockings as they take at least 1-2 weeks for 1 to make but if want more than one say 6 for instance will take longer so get the orders in for december 1st so i can start sending them out ready for xmas. ūüôā mix the colours of the 3 red green and white your own personalised name etc etc. your choice.

here are my progress pictures of the stock i am working on.


lots of projects update

hello everyone,

as always busy with the projects, iv started working on the 2nd crochet sock. to match



crochet sock no1 complete

i also been working on my personal project my jumper which is doing really well. im still doing the mini xmas stockings which i have done 14 now out of 100. and iv started the xmas bauballs too 1 complete 49 to go lol. so least my stock is doing well so far, iv also been working the test knit sample that i got this design in my head for the normal size xmas stocking i had to get it on needles the only problem i had was getting the amount of cast on’s right but i will show you sneaky peek lol. but over all i think i have about 4 proper projects on the go, 3 are for stock and 1 my personal use jumper for me.

here are the rest of  progress pictures.

crochet knee high socks

hello everyone

thought id update you on the knee high socks crochet version

i never ever done this type in crochet before, but have in knit, so i thought id give it a go see how i do on the heel work if theres any difference to the knit version and crochet version, in all honesty i dont feel there is much difference except your using a hook i thought it would be quite difficult to do but its actually easy to do im really happy how this project is forming, i will deffo be doing crochet socks in future for the store.  thanks to the lady who designed these socks which are by yarnutopia with her tutorial it helped me loads to make the socks. hopefully in future i be able to make my own designs but im not that clever yet.

here is my progress


knit and crochet on the go

heya everyone. hope you all are well.

well iv got 3 lots of projects on the go the obvious ones are the mini xmas stockings, iv done 13 so far on my 14th one, out of 100 so 86 stockings to go on them, so they are coming along nicely.

knee high socks in crochet now feel confident with these, and the test sample of my design that i have in my head that will be on normal size xmas stockings,im working the test sample in the flat to see if my plan works rather than using graph paper.

ooh i almost forgot i been practising doing xmas bauballs too pic shown too (ball) that was a test run ball to see if i can make it, but this will be added to the mini stocking makes.

i better make the most of all these projects cos i gotta have an operation on my wrist/hand once i had the ultrasound scan done i hope its all before 31st thats when i go visit my family and friends.

Here are the progress pics.


continued projects

ello everyone hope all you lovely lot are doing well.

since my last post i been very busy with the projects have at least 3 on the go 2 knit and 1 crochet.

first one im designing normal size xmas stockings iv completed the jumbo test knit not really sure on that one front is perfect just the back. so the red and green tradition is on the cards for the normal sized xmas stockings. (pic below)


the mini xmas tree stockings are coming along, stripped ones are complete on with the tree design ones at the moment. so love doing these quick easy to make and the colours are fab i feel too. more to follow.


finally crochet knee high socks

iv never really done socks in crochet so i thought id give it a go, i did try using 8 ply yarn for these socks but it didnt feel or look right to me so changed to 4 ply yarn with a 3mm hook. this project breaks up the stocking side of things lol but iv also learned new crochet stitch never done before its called cable crochet must admit i find this way easier than knitted cable ones i practised on. here is the pic of the crochet knee high socks in progress.






Jumbo stocking test knit design wip

Heya everyone

Iv been finishing the test knit design I had in my head the only adjustments needed on it was the back only couple tho but im very happy with it. I be doing this type of design on the lower size like large this one im doing is xxl jumbo style 92 cast on stitchez. But I am thinking of lowering the stitch count will see how this turns out then do another test on the large size say 72 cast ons we shall see but over all im happy with my design here are the progress pics 


WIP  mini stockings continued 

Heya everyone

Mini stocking makes continues im setting a target of 100 these will be for sale and will be making different designs of course other than stripes. I was thinking pink and purple to go with traditional blue yellow gold red green and white colours.

I will be taking orders for personalised Jumbo stockings so get your orders in before december so i can have them done on time usually takes 1-2 weeks for one.

Im going away to visit my dad, uncle and bro on 31st july for 2 weeks I prob still be doing more stock even though im on hols lol id end up bored easily knowing me so be taking my tools with me lol.

Here is the progress of my stockings so far 5 down 95 to go lol¬†‚Äč

mini stockings

hello everyone, im now in the process of making mini tree stockings, that you can put on your tree and add like sweets inside them what ever people wish to do, these will be for sale soon so stay tuned.

if anyone wants requests on made to order items more than welcome to twitter me etc.

here is one of the stockings i made, the yarn i used was cleopatra cotton 4 ply yarn.


Hand made Knit floral socks size 5-6 for sale

Price: £25.00
Product details

you are viewing
hand made floral socks size 5-6
these socks have a unique floral design, it consists of 2 colours red and white.
the length of the sock from cuff to top of heel: 6 1/2″ and over all foot length: 9″
the yarn used was 4-ply sock yarn teddy baby soft spun yarn, and kingcole baby yarn, both are 100% acrylic
to wash the garnment: 40c cold wash in washing machine or you can hand wash.
to dry the garnment: hand dry only, do not iron steam block them by using the steam from the iron but hovering the iron over the socks.


for postage
uk: £2.95 normal postage,2ndclass recorded £3.90/ 1st class recorded £4.40 signed and tracked.
France: £9.00
Germany: £9.00
ireland: £10.00.

america south&north and canada: $24.89 = £20.00 (uk pounds) £.Рwithout signed/tracked
everywhere else £20


heya everyone,

sorry its been a while iv got at least 3 projects on the go so been busy with that. First project is the socks im still working on not far off finishing that project which all i got is little bit of the foot/toe shaping to do worked hard on those.

2nd project test knit MY design of personalised xmas jumbo stocking, i had this design in my head so had to put it on needles,if i like it, it will certainly be going as made to order and for sale. making loads of. and also mini stockings for trees. so be busy with them.

3rd baby items: making my first baby 0-3 months cardigan im on the back at the moment for the arms i thought of red to go with that colour, as i dont have any more of that colour its discontinued my mum had that in her stash so never knew where she got the yarn from so mix it up a bit.

all items will be available for either made to order or sale, which i will be posting up soon. more items to be made too.

here are the photo’s of the progresses