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cross stitch christmas cards WIP

heya everyone

sorry i havent posted in a long time, its been a busy time iv been working on my christmas cards designs after a lot of cursing and minor swearing i finally getting the main ones done.

I however still healing with my wrist and hand its getting there slowly wrist is still stiff though but with lots of exercise hope it will start easing. never mind eh. this month i am going into a whole new world of card making so im taking my card makes to another level ( pictured flowers butterflies etc die cutting and embossing) so looking forward to that.

i will somehow get back into the knitting/crochet world i do miss that but i seriously am scared to start again and not ready for it either.

here are the pics of my progress so far and the cards i am hoping to achieve.


cross stitch christmas cards

heya everyone

thought id pop in and say hi and update you all on my cross stitch christmas card makes

im on my 2nd design which is a robin in a snow globe type design (see pic), sometimes i find doing circles/arches tough cos hard for me to connect together but i did it for first time in yonks im enjoying cross stitching. I got so many ideas flowing in my head for card making its untrue just the case of getting equipment etc. but that wont be a problem. take each day as it comes. My physio is pleased with me that im continuing my craft which is making my wrist/fingers move she wants me to do a bit more crochet movement work but im not ready for that yet. in time maybe in time. Main thing is im happy with cross stitch and going into new world of crafting. will get my craft corner set up etc soon.

here is my progress of the xmas card making which im concentrating on right now. 1 down 29 to go lol. im doing 30 as its for family and friends im doing them for. got 2 lots of families and bunch of friends so yeah a lot to do but im taking my time.


update on wrist, cross stitch cards… and new adventures

hello everyone

wow been a month since my last post i been focused on getting my wrist moving i forgot to post up the latest.

anyway, 7 weeks in from my wrist operation, and i still cannot move my wrist properly its not so much my hand now so im on a course of physiotherapy lots of exercises and lots of therapy, the consultant told me to stay on it till i been told otherwise, and he also said it will take at least good few months before i can get it moving again, so when i made the decision to put my knitting/crochet away till next year i did right, i kept 1 hook or 2 and a ball of yarn cos my physio said to me to try exercising with the hook and only do like 10 chains and 1 row, i tried that but that was a no no wrist didnt like that at all, so im sticking with my cross stitch im allowed to do that only for 15 mins but im managing 30 mins tops stopping for a good while and then get back to it. been given loads of exercises which  i am also doing at home, and keeping my wrist support on. Im now washing up/drying up which im loving only plates/cutlery no pans as yet So im getting there slowly gonna take time for me to heal least i can cross stitch.

I wanna tell you my exciting new adventure im setting up in November Im going into a whole new world of card making from what im used to doing which is cross stitch cards (im doing that as we speak xmas cards for family and friends) this whole new world is with die cuts/embossing, foiling ebossing powders, stamping you name it im doing just that, im getting a gemini crafter companion die cutting and embossing machine, im so excited cos i never done that before and i already like the ideas iv seen. i thought this would be less strained on my wrist than knit/crochet so im getting all the equipment etc in november and after of course, can make all sorts then will keep you posted.

right now im giving you sneak peek at my cross stitch cards 1 of 30. i love how the glitter thread (metalic thread) works well with the normal thread, so happy to be doing something, 6 weeks of just playing pc games was getting me down.


happy crafting everyone 🙂

knit/crochet/ craft on hold.

hi everyone

sorry i havent posted anything since my last post, i had my operation on my wrist on 18th aug, thinking everything be ok after 2 weeks i was wrong all my nerves in my hand and wrist have decided to make my healing lot longer decided to cease up and made my joints etc stiff and struggling to move. so unfortunately im unable to do any hobby crafting/knit work/crochet work for a while physiotherapy instructions im not happy about it but i gotta do what they say very light movement and very light exercises, untill my wrist/hand is fully healed and move i can only post up ideas for now i back in ship shape before you know it. i got so many ideas going round my head just cant do anything with the ideas.

anyway my appologies for my post absences

love to you all.

new projects x2

heya everyone

yep me again lol. thought id tell you about my newest crochet projects, kinda wanted to do something different other than xmas stuff was getting slightly bored of So iv decided to make Steggie the stegosaurus and Max the bull dog heidi’s bears i have to say since doing the Hippo i really enjoy making but i wanted to do something more challenging and the 2 iv chosen are it lol, what iv done i wrote both of how many need to make on Triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons and i wrote how many needed for both patterns so i can do all the motif’s at the same time made it a lot easier for me to work with.

the colours iv chosen:

Steggie the stegosaurus: Random colours (as you saw in pics) green for main colour of the motifs when joining together and instead of using Purple for scales im using Yellow.

Max the bull dog: Red, white and blue (alternating the colours) and brown for Main colour of motifs when joining together. (im also gonna call bull dog scampy  my old dog i used to have lol)

Anyway here are the pics of the toys i am making and what i started with


projects while on hols :)

hello everyone

sorry i havnt posted in a long while i been away for 2 weeks to see family and friends was fab. except 2 days of bad weather and caught a cold in the 2nd week lol its like great not what i wanted. but didnt stop me from seeing my 3 fab best friends. went for a meal had a right laugh.

Anyway here is what i been upto while away i was working on the hippo here she is my best friend loved it so did her mum when i met her for the first time had me in stitches trying to name the hippo and the minion the hippo named it harriet lovely name for the happy little lady 🙂

i then started working on the stocking design which i had done in a chart so thats coming along.

happy hippo WIP

heya everyone

just thought id give you a update on the happy hipp, nearly done on the pentagons my next lot is 15 hexagons


also my xmasy fairisle pattern i cooked up is doing really well will be able to put it onto my needles soon 🙂 but right now working on the pentagons/hexagons crochet.

im also thinking of making baby stuff for stock for next year but time will tell. loads to be getting on with though 🙂

i be on my travels monday which would be fun if i wasnt so nervous lol. posting more progress soon


WIP project stock.

hello everyone

hope you all are well.

Iv been very busy making my stock, what i have now is Mini xmas stockings, snowflakes, new edition wreaths to go on tree’s I was gonna do a xmas tree one but gone off the idea didnt look right when i was making it. I also got jumbo stockings and my own fairisle design xmas stocking.

i am also currently making my own crochet pattern, which i havent done much to it this week gone, crochet slippers i thought id go with the simple easy pattern that anyone can follow, and that will be published soon as i get it right etc cant really publish it if its not right.

im currently working on another hippo for a friend shes chosen the colours purple/pink for the hexagon bit, and red/yellow for the african flower motif part but alternating the colours which will be shown in picture.

ooh i almost forgot im also currently doing my own hat/scarf cabled design using 6 strand cable work. see how that turns out if so that will also be a pattern to publish

I have my wrist/hand operation on 18th aug which is the week im back from being at my dad’s im going there for 2 weeks so i be busy doing the stock may as well make the most of it while i still can knit/crochet.


here are the pictures of everything im doing so far.

crochet ballet slippers

hello everyone

sorry its been a while for me to blog, i havent been my normal self this past week/weekend i started my new medication for to ease my migrains which i have to take at night time all the side effects were happening at once, making me drousy/sleepy fed up, etc etc, i had my self doubt too wondering whether im doing good at what i do etc etc, then friday my little buddy charlie the hamster passed away day before my mum’s passing anniversary of 5 years so its been a very hard week but my uncle had put me in my place and made me feel a little better i have a feeling it was the new medication cos all that was not me at all.

but iv been working on the slipper pattern which im about to tell you all about, iv decided to do my own designing of patterns so im now becoming a designer rather than using other people’s patterns etc  im now making my own. this crochet ballet slipper is in process of written pattern all from top of my head the slippers are 4 ply yarn which anyone can use any yarn for my pattern, im using 2mm hook which seems to be working out really well, i had to readjust the stitches on the toe shaping part where i had to unravel the completed slipper no1 but it is all part of learning at the end of the day. I am hoping once i get these slippers right i will publish my very first pattern on ravelry which i thought would be the best place to do it not sure on free or paying will come to that bridge when i get there. but im really excited with this one, its just the case of getting the cast on’s/ chain’s right to start me off This is a big step in my knit and crochet journey.  See how it goes

here is the progress of the slipper pattern. one with the red rim is the one i had to adjust.

designing, and knit work

hello everyone,

thought id update you on my latest projects.

the summer top is going well now after 4th time in trying the lace work in zig zag mode but im happy with that now, my design for the stockings are working out well too im using my cross stitch maker cd for my design and its awesome dunno why i didnt think of it before i knew my cd would come in handy one day lol. Anyway past 2 days iv not done any knit work having had a rotten migrain still lingering but managed to do something today.

here is my progress of the design test knit, and the summer top.